At a glance

Our rise since 1991 put us among pioneer transport & logistics companies from and to Italy, with a strong & reliable network of partners and a successful supply chain management model.

Our role is to ensure quality through measurable results concerning cost-time-reliability. This is what our customers ask for. In this way we contribute to our customers growth in any Market sector, providing satisfaction through a complete and specialized transport service.

Our highly equipped personnel is available through direct and flexible communication on a daily basis, serving quick access to our services, adding value to your supply chain through high-tech solutions that lift your performance.

We always get collaboration with our clients to the next level. We adopt new environment-friendly technologies, keep up-to-date with new trends, educate and develop our people, extend our network, operate in an innovative culture, in order to ensure that our customer needs are covered.

In a few words, we make ordinary things in a special way.

Contributors to our success

Our philosophy is customer-centric. Our vision is to enhance our customer’s trade in Europe by providing complete logistics solutions. Customers growth is our aim, so we channel all our personnel to update the quality of our services. We cover all your needs, inspire confidence, personalize our service and justify your trust.


We guarantee quality

Aiming upper quality of service, our company operates according to applicable quality standards, with continuous control, saving customers time and cost, securing perfect condition of transferred goods or any other logistics service at the same time. Download Quality Policy


We choose the path to a better environment

With respect to the environment, we use new Green technologies for sustainability and organizational growth. On this basis our facilities in Thessaloniki operate through photovoltaic panels contributing to environment protection and application of innovative technology.

Chambers / Organizations

We are active members to the following

  • Hellenic-Italian chamber –
  • Hellenic-American chamber –
  • CCI France-Grece –
  • Greek Logistics Company –
  • Global sustain –
  • Ceo clubs international –

Human Resource

Our people is our power

With commitment for total coverage of your needs, we consider training our personnel on new market trends very important. Our people can find the best solution for stability of your supply chain at any time.

Our team combines successfully high level know-how, loyalty and creativity, love for its Certificates business, comfortable communication, ability to understand and manage personalized information from its customers.

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